Onel Naar

American of Puerto Rican and Lebanese Dominican descent born in the battered, burning South Bronx of the late 70s to immigrant parents.

I was privileged to study across the river/world's away in Manhattan, starting with the Visual Arts program at LaGuardia high school and followed by undergraduate studies at New York University as a Studio Arts major.

My university experience included learning from Katie Schimert and Lawrence Chua, exhibiting alongside Nate Lowman, and lead to a post graduate apprenticeship with Paul Pfeiffer starting in May of 2001.

Following 9/11 (during which I was blissfully unaware of the carnage unfolding only blocks away as I worked on digital video pieces) I reconsidered the direction of my artistic practice.

As a New York City Teaching Fellow and Americorp grant recipient I have been able to bring the world of contemporary art to the high school classrooms of immigrant communities while developing my artistic evolution though work with the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and ongoing studio practice, including a residency at Roundabout Lx.